E-Learning Library

Internet-based technology is capable of addressing many of the challenges faced in providing global flow cytometry education. According, we strive to expand the availabilty of web-based educational materials and to build a comprehensive electronic library including:

Online Courses

A collection of formal presentations from invited experts covering a broad range of clinical cytometry topics.  Slide-based presentations will be supplemented with notes, audio, video, or real-time interaction (webinar). 

Short Instructional Videos

Short, 5 – 15 minute, videos addressing practical aspects of clinical flow cytometry, including identification of individual cells, an approach to the diagnosis of specific disease entities, how to avoid pitfalls, and technical tips.  

Clinical Case Studies

A comprehensive portfolio of clinical case studies with provision of relevant clinical information, the results of other laboratory testing, and raw cytometry data through the Data Repository. 

ICCS Open Educational Resources

ICCS is working to produce a series of new virtual training tools to facilitate remote flow cytometry education.

Society for Hemopathology's Virtual Curriculum Series

A series of lectures created by the Society for Hemopathology and designed to provide hematopathology educational resources to pathology trainees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australasian Cytometry Society Clinical Guidelines

The Australasian Cytometry Society (ACS) has developed Clinical guidelines to assist its members design and develop malignant and non-malignant clinical flow cytometric assays. The guidelines describe minimum testing requirements to assist with laboratories setting up new assays, review assays in use, and provide reference material for laboratory assessments and audits.

Contribute to our online e-learning library by submitting interesting e-course presentations, instructional videos or case studies.
Please send inquires to [email protected] .